We're still a full year out from Episode VII, The Last Jedi, however some photos are beginning to percolate out.

As I have said before I spent many summers in Kerry as a kid (That is in Ireland folks!). I was amazed to find out they were going to be shooting Star Wars there. I was very impressed with the depiction of Skelligs in The Force Awakens, which is used for the planet of Ahch-to. However it was not exactly the Kerry I remember. It is a beautiful part of the world, but it rains. A lot!

So it tickles me to see these two pictures of Daisy Ridley character, Rey, on location ... in the rain. Now this is the Kerry I remember, standing inside the door of a caravan, listening to the rain beating down on the metal roof, waiting and waiting for it to stop. rainyAhchto rainyAhchto2

From what I have heard tourism is blowing up in that part of the world. Best of luck lads, enjoy it!

This was my first attempt at imagining what filming Star Wars off the Kerry Coast would look like


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