USS Camden

Finally I have some free time to play with some 3D models again. I have been trying to learn blender for years now. I got a bit distracted with some content being available in blender internal and some been available in cycles and all the "scripts" to help transition over from one to the other usually glitch. So after downloading and perusing the fantastic model of the EnterpriseB by ChrisKuhn over on BlendSwap I finally resolved to learn and understand how texturing works in cycles and try and convert some models over myself to help me learn a bit better.

I have been export/importing some models I liked from lightwave and am fairly happy with some of the work so far and hope to post some of the retexturing work here, if for no other reason my own records.

Ironically in my real job, I have completed the move from python2 to python3, something that was very painful to do, but is now complete and I can get on with real work there. This has the same ... feeling to it.


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