Well after a long long wait the first trailer and views from the new Start Trek TV series, Discovery, are beginning to percolate out.

This is the Netflix tailer, for international viewers, the hint is in the title card, "This Autumn"

It looks good, but a little too JJ Trek and, at least from the trailer, they seem to be leaning on Vulcans and Klingons very heavily. Seems a bit lazy. Trek is a great franchise. I have always said that it is probably the only franchise that does not require a reboot. Just take a ship and a crew, point them in a direction and that's the show. The over reliance on the familar, same species, known timeline, familar face (Sarek) reeks of a production team that do not have trust in what they have.

But the good news for me is the first sighting of one of the new ships for the series, the Shenzhou, coming through a cloud. Still yet to see the Discovery though.



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